New Beginnings!

Okay, so I may be ringing the New Year in just a bit early, but I’m starting a new journey (class) over at

To say I’m excited is a slight understatement. It’s an Art Journal classes and the theme this year is, “Not all that wander are lost” by J.R.R Tolkien. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m wandering, not quite sure what it is that I’m supposed to do with this life. I know it’s something. So, I’m diving into art journaling. When it comes to my art work, I am hyper critical of myself. PERFECTION or NOTHING, and I think that really stifles not only my creativity but my self-esteem. IF art journaling has a rule, it is this rule: THERE ARE NO RULES. Art is beautiful, because there is a piece of me in anything I create. Even that which I think is ugly and imperfect. So, I’m going to allow myself not to have to be perfect. I hope to challenge myself to try new techniques- especially those that intimidate me (paints, mixed media, etc). It’s scary. It’s a struggle. But I really want to be committed to the process. I will be posting my journey here. Feel free to follow along! Here’s to a WONDERFUL 2014!


No Rules!




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