New Adventure!

I’m starting the Art Journal Caravan 2014 today! I’m very excited and am really praying that God uses this in my life to plant some things deep down inside. Today I wrote a letter to myself, and was given some affirmations to remember throughout the journey this year.

I decided to put the affirmations in the journal I will be using for the class, to keep them close at hand. I highlighted certain ones that I really struggle with believing at the moment:


Remember these things

I’m attacking self doubt and self criticism. Those two things are, in my opinon, the MAJOR factors that limit my creativity and ability. I will be stretching in so many ways, I hope!

Here is the letter to myself. We were encouraged to write it in present tense. This is to be looked over throughout the year when I get discouraged:


Letter to myself

As you can see, I figure if I’m going to tackle my fear of paint, I’d better use them!

Hoping you have a wonderful New Year!




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