Not So Brave…Well Maybe

Okay, I’m stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and posting something that makes me VERY uncomfortable. I don’t like doing/ posting/ showing things that I don’t feel that I’m very good at, and painting is one of those things. Especially paintings of people (or recognizable things). But….I’M DOING IT!



This is a hybrid art journal. The background, letters and person are done with tangible items. The rest was added digitally. I am sweating just a little, and I haven’t even pressed “Publish” yet (and it’s not like a bazillion people see this blog!). But I’m stepping….LEAPING maybe…out of my comfort zone. I’m going to try to silence the inner critic that would keep me from trying, from messing up, from experimenting. I’m stepping out….it feels like jumping off a cliff.




12 thoughts on “Not So Brave…Well Maybe

  1. Satina says:

    Very brave! And I love that you’re not doing those whimsical ‘pretty girl’ faces so many are. This has real heart and soul.

  2. tenukihandcrafts says:

    I completly understand your fear. I myself have only recently started sharing my art and art journals and find it rather freeing. I like your page. the colors are delish and I really am enjoying the circular theme that repeats all over the page. Your girl is adorbs – I’m a sucker for gingers 🙂

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