Deeper Still

Another LEAP out of my comfort zone! Paint. Paint is my nemesis. I’ve never felt comfortable with it. I don’t feel any CONTROL when using it. Pencil and ink pens can BE CONTROLLED. I can control their lines and movement. I can erase pencil. CONTROL…seems to be the word here. Paint… it’s, well it’s UNPREDICTABLE, and I don’t like that. So, I’m learning to let go and release control. There are some things about this aj that I would like to change, but I CHOOSE not to focus on them. Instead, I’m going to focus on for the most part, this is okay. I like how some of the green swirl things came out. I like how the blues in the background mix and blend. I’m going to be nicer to myself, when it comes to my art. I promise (myself).


Deeper Still

Happy Friday!




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