Begins and Ends

While this isn’t an art journal page yet, it’s going to wind up as one. I did this word art this morning. I didn’t sit down to write any specific words in any specific order. In fact, it was going to say “Can’t steal Happiness” … a line from a song by the Weepies. But, as art (even word art) sometimes does it morphed into something else.


What I love most is that, quite unintentionally, it begins with Sacrifice and ends with Gratitude. My BFFDST (Gina) and I were talking, and we discussed how the word “sacrifice” just isn’t a very popular word. Peace, Joy, Serenity…. all those are popular words. You just don’t see Sacrifice a whole lot. But, Sacrifice is at the CRUX of just about everything: Gratitude, Peace, Joy, Love, Contentment, etc. Sacrifice is ESSENTIAL.

I have plans for making these into Photoshop brushes, so I can use them digitally as well. But this page (after it’s been scanned and all that jazz) is going into my art journal. To remind me that SACRIFICE has to be first. After all, it was first for my Savior and I’m called to follow in His footsteps.





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