Cultivate Gratitude

Just a quick journal page with a great quote from Emerson about gratitude. As I was not at home, I used items from the digital kit Sunshine in my Soul (more info here). I was also working in PSE, so didn’t have quite as many creative options as I am used to.


Cultivate Gratitude

I love working digitally, but have discovered that I REALLY enjoy mixing the two (physical and digital). Missed that today, but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to create no matter what.

Oh, I also wanted to pass this along as well. I read an outstanding answer to an interview question the other day, that really spoke to my heart. It was from the blog,  Brad Young’s Art, and he said this:

12. What really big thing has happened in your artistic journey?

Getting a revelation that I have a talent and that I’m responsible with what I do with that talent. Even if it’s just for my own enjoyment, I appreciate that part of my life that is uniquely me, and not taking it for granted.

This is what I’m learning to do. So much of the time I’m focused on “getting good feedback” on my stuff. If I don’t, it must not be good. BUT, this is truth. I really appreciated his response.

Happy Friday!




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