Junk It!

I’m in the process of making (messing up) a Junk Journal. This will be for those odds and ends that I think would be neat to hold on to, but don’t have any (except the trash can) to put. Hence this:


Junk Journal

It’s not finished. My ink pad ran out of oomph, so I had to shelve it for now, but I like how it’s turning out. It’s along the lines of a Smashbook, but those intimidate me…don’t ask why, as there probably isn’t a rational answer. This will soon be the home of those little bits of life that create clutter if not beaten into submission. I already have a few clipped to the back of the book for safe keeping until it’s ready to use.

Whatever you do…do it with all you have!


gratitude stamp


5 thoughts on “Junk It!

  1. artfulmouse says:

    I have a Smashbook that I am working in with an art journal group. We have been using them for about a year but we find that we either really hate the design on a page or really love the design on the page and don’t want to cover it up! But I love all of the Smashbook “stuff” you can buy! I did my own Smashbook style composition book for a trip to Disney a while back and I really liked it for that (except the paper is thin and bleeds too much). I use a decorated composition book at work for taking notes at meetings, etc.

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