New Name…and Finished

The title for this piece was originally {SOOTHE}, but I’ve changed it to {QUIET}, not that it matters all that much. I liked what someone said concerning this journal entry, “Quiet dosen’t have to be boring”. YES! Quiet doesn’t not have to equal boring. In fact, I find that when I am quiet on the inside I am able to truly enjoy the things around me in a deeper way. Life is much more fulfilling when I’m quiet. I bit the bullet and added some texture to the journal entry. I was very nervous that I would end up ruining the page, but was pleasantly surprised…I LOVE the texture and added elements. I played with watercolors, modeling paste, stencils of various kinds, oil crayons, glitter and sharpies. I tried using the plastic needlepoint canvas as a stencil, and really like the result. I ended up using a stipple brush since the plastic is so thick (used it with acrylic and FaberCastell Gellatos). Here is my finished journal page:



I like the original one, but think this version has much more depth to it.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


gratitude stamp


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