For a Rainbow

I’m taking the class Wild Surrender over at Tim’s Sally (with Mindy Lacefield), and I just got done watching the February lesson. I never even thought about what was going to come out in the end product.

See, I’m waiting for something…something very important to me. I hate waiting… A LOT. It’s hard, and I’d rather just make things happen myself, instead of trust God and let Him do his thing. Yesterday was the worst. I hadn’t heard anything all week, and was hoping to hear something on Saturday, but nope. I was angry, anxious and down right feeling sorry for my self. Enter, today’s artwork.


Every Rainbow

As I worked, the pieces just fell into place. In the lesson, Mindy talked about let the work give you the words that went with it. Well, the words that came were this, “For every rainbow, there must be some rain.”

I hate waiting. But, I can either focus on the waiting or on the outcome I’m hoping for. PATIENCE.

So. In short, I’m willing to endure some rain for my rainbow.

Hang in there!




3 thoughts on “For a Rainbow

  1. Satina says:

    Wow, that’s so similar to a page that I was going to do about my tears being the water for the blooming of my desires. We must all be being given similar lessons to learn at this time.

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