My Inner Scribble

I’m not comfortable with going deep. Letting go and allowing the “process” to take over. Basically, I guess I’m not comfortable with giving up a sense of control. That, as I am learning, is what art is all about. Not a crazy, screaming wild letting go (although if that works for you, and it dosen’t hurt anyone go for it), but letting myself be intuitive to my inner self. See, that still sounds wonky to me…but I’m working on it. The book, The Artist’s Way, encourages you to write positive affirmations. This is one I particularly like: The Great Creator has given my the gift of creating and to create is my gift back to Him. My talent is not just for myself. It’s to share. Not only with people, but with my Creator.

Part of this journey is learning to play again; to not have to control my art so that it is “approvable” by other people. To trust myself and just let go. So I’m practicing the fine/ fun art of scribbles!


This was fun, you should try it…even if you’re a writer, poet, sportman, whatever. Go scribble. You might be amazed just how good you feel afterwards.

Happy Tuesday!





7 thoughts on “My Inner Scribble

  1. meganura says:

    Looks fun! I have a hard time “going deep” too. I tend to put on the page whatever’s at the top of my mind. Then the problem becomes when there’s nothing particular on my mind, I have nothing to put on the page 😦 In that case, I shall scribble!

  2. Satina says:

    That IS an amazing quote. I just ordered that book, so it’s wild that I would come and see this! Guess it’s the right thing to do. I got started with visual journaling three years ago by scribbling every day. I keep telling myself I need to get back to it because it was amazing the insight that would come out of those scribbles for me. And a few times, further artwork.

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