Take Me Deeper

There’s a lot that has been going on inside of me lately, deep stuff, good stuff. God’s really been speaking to me about my heart, and my identity…..WHO I really am. I “stumbled” across Dirty Footprint’s site, and starting reading/ learning about her Fearless Painting workshop and online classes. She has a free class called Total Alignment (there’s also a like in the right side bar), which is about aligning with your creative center and heart center. As a believer, that for me is Christ and Holy Spirit: THE CREATOR. I have, for reasons I don’t fully know yet, convinced myself that I’m not creative, saying things like “Oh, I can see something and reproduce it, but I can’t come up with stuff on my own”. LIE. TRUTH: I have THE SOURCE of INFINITE CREATIVITY LIVING WITHIN ME. How POWERFUL is that??!! How AMAZING??!! (lots of CAPS going on in this post…sorry about that). This is what Total Alignment is about, reconnecting with the Source, getting rid of debris in the Heart, so that connection can flow again. Her lessons reminds me of stuff in the Artist’s Way (which I haven’t finished yet).

The first video/ lesson focuses on opening your Heart Center. Boy…. do I have blockages. LOTS. Emotionally, I’m locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Here is the painting I did after watching and reading that first lesson:



After I finished I sent a text to my husband saying, “This is how I feel about you”. His response? “WOW! This says that you LOVE and feel LOVED!” It’s true. I do!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial weekend.



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