Spray Paint Love

Okay, so I watched a great video over at Tim’s Sally, Sunday Mornings, and the instructor was using Liquitex Professional spray paint. I was enamored! I started my search. My local Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry it, so I assumed Michael’s didn’t either. Online, the least expensive (cheapest) I found it was $8.50 a can. Well, I decided to look on Michael’s website and found they did carry it…at least online. It didn’t specify if it was only online or in stores too, so I decided to call. I am so THANKFUL (yes….THANK YOU GOD!!) I did. The lady told me that yes, they did carry Liquitex Professional spray paint, and it just so happened that it was all on clearance for $3.50 a can!! WHAT!!??

To say the least, I hightailed it right over there. Some may say I went a little spray paint happy…I bought 16 cans:


Yes…I did. A couple hours later I was talking to my husband on the phone and telling him about my score on paint. You know what he said…”Well, go get some more!”. I told him I already picked up 16 cans, but he said for that price it’s better to get it now. Well, I’m an obeident wife if I’m nothing else, so I did as he directed:


and picked up 17 more cans. You are probably thinking the same thing the checker at Michael’s thought (she checked us out both times), HOW MUCH SPRAY PAINT DOES ONE PERSON NEED??!! But, you see, both my daughter and I will use it for our mixed media work, so it might go fast (I hope not). And, while I’m mentioning my daughter, she has more talent in her pinky finger than I do in my whole body!

Lest you think it will go to waste, here is a project I’m already using it for:


Trust me…it will go to good use, and I am so thankful for this amazing deal!

Here’s to happy painting!



3 thoughts on “Spray Paint Love

  1. Cindra Huddleston says:

    Don’t you just love it when God blesses you like that? He cares about even the smallest details as well a the biggies. 🙂 Bless your husband for being so supportive too! 🙂 Congrats on the great find!

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