Stand Out!

I really like the look of using silhouette images in mixed media, but am bothered by the fact that most are just one type of body size and shape. I’ve wanted to use them, but have been hesitant until I found an ad by Dove with a different body type. I will not use the term “real woman” to describe the silhouette (because we are ALL real women no matter what body type you have), and I’m not downing thin women. It is frustrating, however, when that’s the ONLY image or body type we deem acceptable to associate with our gender. How isolating is that…for everyone? (okay, I’m climbing down from my soap box now).

Usually, I place a large sheet of mixed media paper on my workspace to clean stencils, catch over-spray, practice lettering and whatever else. For this piece, I cut up the current sheet and added the silhouette and words “Stand Out”. I am a big fan of the random designs, colors and marks that using the “catch sheet” provides. This is roughly 11×14 (just slightly smaller) and is unmounted. I used carbon black fluid acrylic for the silhouette, and the lettering was done on a different sheet of mixed media paper, cut out and gelli printed. I went over it with an oil based white Sharpie to help it be a little more defined.


EVERY BODY is beautiful….so STAND OUT!!

Have a great weekend!