The Place Inbetween

I usually forget to record the process of my art journaling, but with the last layout, I actually remembered (somewhat).

It started with a couple blank journal pages covered with plain masking tape:


This image is from Instagram, because I had already deleted it from my phone. I used wahsi tape down the center to add stability to the page. I then covered it all with a layer of heavy gesso spread with a palette knife (it’s kinda hard to tell that in the picture, but its there). I wasn’t extremely careful about spreading it evenly, or all the way to the edges, just so it would have some texture.

Next, I added some aqua acrylic paint, and used my W-06 Catalyst blast to spread it out in a thin layer. Over that I laid a stencil and wiped the paint off with a wet wipe:


I used the same stencil and spray made with Daler-Rowney pearlescent liquid acrylic in Genesis Green, to add some color and shimmer.

After that dried, I took a Stabilo pencil and traced some of the leaf images and used a wet paint brush to loosen up the stokes a little. Then, I pooled some of that same Genesis Green and allowed it to drip and run (I held the journal in different directions to add movement).


Using my finger, I smeared it around the images I had traced.

In this picture you see a couple of steps (I forgot to take a picture before moving on to the next layer).


Using my Catalyst I scraped some medium magenta acrylic over the dried layers, and a star stencil and wet wipe. Then I found a vintage picture I liked (I think it was from The Graphics Fairy) and printed it out. Using an 8B pencil on the back side I made a kind of carbon tracing paper and then traced a light version of the image onto my page. I think I might actually invest in some carbon paper, as my image was VERY light. Over the light lines I used the Stabilo pencil to fill everything in. More water and a paint brush to loosen things up.

I painted the face using acrylic and Stabilo Woodys, again keeping things loose and letting some of the background show through.


I chose not to paint the hair, as I like the pattern of the layers underneath. I did use some Woodys to add a hint of color to the hair and the face.

To complete the page I tore some deli paper up and used matte medium to layer it over the face…adding some GREAT texture. It came out almost looking like a canvas (a happy surprise!!). Then I tore up some printed tissue paper by Hazel & Ruby and used matte medium to adhere it to the page.


I mixed some orange yellow gouache with the matte medium and added some color around the edges and over some of the existing layers. I mixed the two, because gouache, like watercolor, is not a permanent paint (it will react with water). I think by adding the matte medium, it not only made it more fluid and transparent, but it will also cause it to now be permanent. The quote is done with an Ohto Fudeball 1.5, and it’s my new favorite journaling pen. It writes very smoothly over rough layers and the color is do dark…it’s AWESOME. I bought a pack of 10 from An excellent investment!!

Well, there you have it! My page from start to finish (and I almost got all my steps in photo form!!)


Blossom – Mixed Media- MArmour c2015

I hope that some of this inspires you to try things you might not have tried before. After all, that is what creating art is all about!



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