#the100dayproject Catch Up!

Okay, so I haven’t been as diligent as I wanted to be, but I am going to catch up today! This may not be all of the stuff, but it’s most of what I’ve done. I’m going to try to get these in order, but no promises! I might explain a couple things about a few pieces too.


6/100 – I drew the birds and transferred them to the page with carbon paper. I found the quote online.


7/100 used the same master bird for this note card. This one was a quicky, quote from my own head.


8/100 same idea with the owls. This is a list of the things I like to use most in my mixed media stuff.


9(ish)/100 – Washi tape is the layer for this one. Found the quote online.


11/100 Masking tape base, stencils. I made the owl stamp (owls seem to be happening a lot lately)


14/100 – While I don’t like everything about this one, I am diggin’ the stamp I made out of silly foam.


18/100 – Did this one last night. I used heavy gesso with a stencil then sprayed with alcohol ink. I love this page.

Hope you get some creative time in!



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