Mixed Media Adventure

Recently, I was asked to make a piece for a friend’s daughter. The only requirement was that I use a certain quote (sometimes that’s harder than having a lot of demands!!), and the size be 10×10…so I got started. IMG_0596This was the first layer, after laying down some white gesso to add some texture. I use some sprays I had made from alcohol inks and a water spray bottle. I went with warm and cool colors, making sure the layer previous had dried (so it didn’t get muddy). IMG_0589I wanted to bump up the orange a little, so I sprayed a concentrated amount and just let it dry. It gets a really wonder effect on the edges this way. IMG_0602I used paper towels to blot my layers, and as I was thinking about what to do next, my eye caught them. The alcohol inks had made them look amazing, so I decided to rip them up and add them to the mix. The texture they created was AMAZING and since they are thick, they added some great dimension. I used gel medium to adhere them to the page, and let some of them go over the side of the canvas. This was the hard part…..I LOVED HOW THIS LOOKED! I didn’t want to move on. I was afraid of ruining the piece and was getting very attached to it. Then the client sent me a picture of the color of her daughters walls…and I knew that I was going to need to move on. IMG_0623they are alfalfa green with black trim, and what I had at the moment just wasn’t going to work, so I moved forward! (that’s usually the best thing anyway, right?) 1bthis is a couple of layers after that last picture. I wanted to add some bold blacks, and patterns. To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite. Many times I wondered if I had just ruined it. But, I reminded myself that I had chosen the papers and colors for some reason (maybe unconsciously??) and to trust the process. At this point I decided it was time to be more intentional with my choices and wanted to start to bring this together into a cohesive piece. 1aThis is the finished product. I don’t have any pics of the in-between, because I forget to take them. I had scrapped a lot of the green you see in the middle left of the canvas to bring in the color of the room….TOO MUCH GREEN. So I toned it down with some paper and then some white paint. It was starting to take shape. I added some black with ribbon and stamped texture. I added some white fluid acrylic to the top and sprayed it with water to let it run. Then added the blue as a compliment to the green and to give the eye a place to rest and an area for the quote. All of the texture and color goes onto the edges of the canvas. Here is a larger image of the final work:


Power – c.2015 Mindy Armour

the texture is OFF THE CHART! The paper towel added in the earlier layers really added to it. I wish you could feel this bad boy!  You can see peeks of that bright color as well. I wrote the quote on deli paper, and then cut it in strips so I could position it as I wanted. Doing it this way takes the fear of messing up the canvas out of the equation. If you mess up, just get another piece of deli paper and start over! Over all, I’m pretty happy with it, and the mom loved it, so I guess it all worked out! What about you? Do you find yourself afraid of ruining something your working on? How do you overcome that and move on? Hope you have a wonderful day! M


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