So…It’s Been Forever!

WOW. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve published something. I guess I could blame the business of life, job, kids, etc. But really, it’s just that I haven’t thought about it, or more accurately, I have thought about it, but just haven’t acted on that thinking.  Let’s just call it laziness (which is probably about 85% accurate).

I’ve been doing some mixed media, but have really been focusing on doodling and Bible journaling. There has really been a NEED(?), and WANT to get into my Bible more, but I have come to realize that I am a visual person….I love color and images, and well, let’s be honest, most Bibles are just not that at all. That is why the idea of Bible journaling is so wonderful and refreshing to me! Jesus is BEAUTIFUL!!! Full of LIFE, and COLOR, and IMAGERY, I think His WORD should be as well. And with journaling it becomes that. It allows me to take the creative talent He has given me and explore HIM more.

This journal page is quite chaotic. Just like my life when I try to take the reigns and control it. The thing I’m CALLED (told, instructed, etc.) to do is RETURN AND REST. What?? Rest? Let Go? What??!! Yes, it is so counter to what our culture tells us, but in returning and rest is where God is. Where He can do HIS thing in my life. That is where I want to be.

Bible Journal of Isaiah 30:15. Let go. Rest and Return. It's the only way!

Bible Journal of Isaiah 30:15. Let go. Rest and Return. It’s the only way!

I hope to post more regularly, but there are no promises. Life is busy. Life is unpredictable. You gotta roll with Life or you’ll go crazy trying to stay “in control”. I’ll try to post and share what is going on with my Bible journaling, so feel free to come along for the unpredictable ride!



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