Hurt Places


The Psalms

I had posted this page on my Facebook wall, just to share and as an encouragement to me. Then a day later I posted this:


Quote from Seth Apter

Just to remind myself that comparison is the thief of joy.

Well, I got a snarky (what I felt was snarky anyway) comment saying, “I find this humorous that this (the Seth Apter quote) is right above your bible journal page.” Ouch. That stung. Out of a feeling of shame and hurt I deleted both from my Facebook page, and have serious doubts as to if I will post anything there again. Silly, maybe, but it’s still there.

I’m so hesitant about posting my work. I don’t want to come across as, “look how great I think I am”, and I struggle with “is my work even good”. So, it’s a challenge, and comments like that just suck.

Maybe my only reason for sharing this post is to remind us all to be very careful with how we respond to people, especially on the internet. I have no idea what this person intended, but what it did was hurt. Just be careful. When in doubt, be nice.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



7 thoughts on “Hurt Places

  1. Seth says:

    Hi Mindy. First can I say that I am so pleased to see that my words spoke to you. I am so appreciative that they meant enough for you to share them on your FB page. Second your message to others to be sensitive to the impact of comments that they write is so important. I am so often shocked by the level of mean spiritedness (and worse) that seems to growing on the Internet via comments. Generally our art/craft community is very supportive but obviously that is not always the case. Third, I do hope you are able to come back from this and keep posting. Putting our work out for others to comment on is a scary situation. But you are VERY talented and your work should be seen! Seth

  2. Carrie Lynn says:

    I agree with every sentiment you shared Mindy. Most times people are really rude and cruel and easy to judge negatively. I’ve had my share of these and it made an impact on my work and my self worth. But time heals all wounds. I learned that the reason why these people are like that is because they are first and foremost insecure, envious of your work and determination to learn, share and inspire, they don’t know how to make constructive criticisms, and finally, its because they are hiding behind a screen. They think that the computer is a shield of protection they can hide behind and would protect them when they behave badly. Sadly, it is a wrong mode of attack. With that said, I am encouraging you to share your work. We cannot really control the comments section and most especially the behavior of the people giving it. As Seth said, it is scary but you are an artist and your heart shows through your work.

  3. CraftyDivazAus says:

    I think all artists need to learn to ‘stop comparing’, not even comparing your own work is a good idea sometimes… haha It’s good just to try to enjoy each art piece for it’s own merit…

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